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This year the Village Voice turns 60, so for this fall's annual Best of NYC® issue, we're looking for your nominations in 60 superlative categories running down the best this city has to offer.

In our October 14 issue, we'll publish the results of this readers' poll -- along with 300 Best of NYC awards, written by the editorial staff at the Voice.

Here's how it works: Fill out your ballot below (you can tweak your nominations until 11:59 p.m. on September 8). Finalists will be announced September 10, and you'll be able to vote for the winners through early October.

New this year: We're awarding random voters all sorts of random prizes (you can also enter without voting) via this Free Stuff Giveaway. Prizes include:

  • A reprinted cover of a vintage edition of the Voice, for whatever date you choose (your birthday, your wedding date, your bat mitzvah, etc.)
  • One DVD copy of Kids we had to buy for this recent story.
  • One size large, Ebbets Field Flannels brand, (itchy), Newark Bears Jersey, as seen on the  May 15 cover of the Voice.
  • Two tickets to the Voice's Brooklyn Pour craft beer festival on September 26 (this prize is available to a winner 21 or older).
  • A glossy, poster-sized cover from an iconic issue of the Voice (we have a few extras, they are great; one is a Banksy).
  • A $50 iTunes gift card, because what online poll is complete without awarding one?
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